Equipment: Calciner

Sector: Alumina / France

Project: Refurbishment of a calciner rotary kiln

Duration of work : approx. 3 weeks.

SERCEM INDUSTRIE is well known in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years in the region of Lyons in France . 

Our customers are renowned international operators such as Lafarge- Holcim , Heidelberg ,  , Alcoa , Rusal etc ..

They are all world leaders in the field of mining , cement & mineral chemistry .

Our know-how is the mechanical improvement of production equipment such as rotary kilns , rotary dryers , mills, crushers etc…

As such , we present you an achievement on behalf of one of our client in the field of alumina 

Project: Renovation of a rotary kiln 

Sercem Industrie produced the design, calculations, studies, supply ,on-site assembly and commissioning assistance of : 

Sercem supplied and changed a shell section with girth gear, pinion and housing, the tyre and its pads, as
well as installing the drive system on the central kiln support. This was a typical turnkey project for us.

Sercem managed the design work, the manufacture of replacement parts, on-site assembly and
commissioning assistance.


  • A shell section under tyre / Thickness.50mm/Diam.2895 x Lg.6800mm
  • An inner diameter of the tyre adapted to the floating pads
  • Ext.diameter 3430/lg.560 mm
  • Adjustment of the clearance between the tyre and the shell
  • Pre-adjustment of the tyre run out
  • Pre-assembly in the workshop on the shell section
  • Floating pads with welding of the stops and pavement stops
  • Temporary welding of hoops and hoop stoppers
  • Shell reinforcement with cross braces at both ends
  • Supply of a gear gear ( Pitch diameter : 4672 mm )
  • One pinion ( 17 teeth / module 32 )
  • 8 sets of spring plates 
  • A girth gear housing with seal.

Setting up on site

  • Installation of the support structures for the shell section
  • Survey of the alignment operation (cold kiln before work)
  • Rollers adjustment according to the alignment readings
  • Tracking and tracing of cuts
  • Removal of the girth gear housing
  • Installation of the supports kiln section and the scaffoldings
  • Installation of cross and cradles
  • Setting the kiln
  • Cutting of the shell
  • Removal of the shell with its tyre and girth gear on the ground for scrapyard destination     
  • Welding chamfers on the kiln section
  • Rollers adjustment according to the new tyre outside diam.
  • Installation on the ground of the girth gear ring with its spring plates on the new shell section (the spring plates are only pointed and will be welded definitively after the run out adjustment and the concentricity).
  • Installation of the new shell with its tyre and the girth gear 
  • Clamping and alignment
  • Welding operations of the shell section
  • Ultrasonic welding testing
  • Adjustment of the tyre runout
  • Pads final welding .
  • Adjustment of the support rollers to their new position
  • Girth gear adjustment ( runout and concentricity )
  • Spring plates welding on the shell
  • Runout verification and girth gear concentricity
  • Adjustment Girth gear / pinion
  • Installation of the friction tracks on the girth gear
  • Installation the new girth gear housing
  • Installation of the housing seals on the girth gear
  • Dismantling cradles and supports
  • Cleaning of the site

Commissioning Assistance

Supply and design of a rotary kiln
Refurbishment of 3 bauxite dryers