Sercem Industrie implements a continuous improvement and sustainable development policy to secure the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

Our aims for the coming years can be described thus:

– Ensure our main objective of “ZERO ACCIDENT”

– Ensure the safety of our teams and partners by developing our safety culture and improving the prevention of health and safety risks.

– Contribute to customer safety by delivering tried and tested technical solutions, with all work done to the most stringent safety criteria.

– Develop a leadership position in our business areas by creating innovative services focussing on attention to customer needs.

– Confirm our quality approach in our day-to-day activities

– Renew our commitment to pursue our efforts in protecting the environment

Our capacity to achieve these objectives depends on our individual involvement and contributions, and our professional rigour in our work.

I am fully personally devoted to this approach as it is one of our main priorities. I am counting on everyone’s involvement in making it a success.

Mions, 15 January 2019
Chief Executive Officer
Marc Riaboukine