repairs to a jaw crusher


Part: Jaw crusher

Work: repairs to a jaw crusher frame mounted with shaft

Sector: Aggregate (France)

SERCEM INDUSTRIE is well known in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years in the region of
Lyons in France .

Our customers are renowned international operators such as Lafarge- Holcim , Heidelberg , , Alcoa ,
Rusal etc ..
They are all world leaders in the field of mining , cement & mineral chemistry .
Our know how is the mechanical improvement of production equipments such as rotary kilns , rotary
dryers , mills, crushers etc…
As such , we present you a recent achievement on behalf of one of our client LAFARGE AGGREGATE

The hardest aspect of the work was to repair the shaft, because the bearing seats had been repaired earlier. This required skills and good tooling for the machining, surfacing and rectification of seats.

Summary of works:
Disassembly in workshop
Surfacing and machining of crusher cam
Removal and re-installation of shaft line

Repairs to Primary Crusher rod :


Disassembly and repair:

  • Dismantling of the shaft
  • Cleaning of the arm, shaft and baffles
  • Dimensional check of the shaft
  • Metallization of the shaft ( 13 % chromium )
  • Machining and grinding of bearings seats .


  • Putting the shaft with its bearings in place
  • Fitting of the bearing retainer flanges
  • Fitting of the baffles and inner flanges
  • Fitting of the 2 bearings with their clamping sleeves
  • Fitting a spacer and tightening the bearings with the hydraulic nut
  • Fitting the bearings
  • Fitting of the inner flanges and baffles
  • Fitting and tightening the retaining nuts
Repairs to primary crusher
Repairs to kiln roller