Equipment: BALL MILL

Sector: Limestone quarry / France

Project: Refurbishment and upgrade of a horizontal ball mill
In this turnkey project: We proposed specifications with step-by-step validation by the customer.
Sercem managed the design and calculations as the original equipment was modified.
We managed all manufacturing in our workshops as well as on-site removal and re-installation.
We also provided commissioning assistance.

SERCEM INDUSTRIE is well known in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years in the region of Lyons in France . 

Our customers are renowned international operators such as Lafarge- Holcim, Heidelberg, Alcoa, Rusal etc ..

They are all world leaders in the field of mining , cement & mineral chemistry .

Our know-how is the mechanical improvement of production equipment such as rotary kilns , rotary dryers , mills, crushers etc…

As such , we present to you a recent achievement on behalf of one of our client , lime manufacturers .

Project: Refurbishment and modification of a ball mill

Changing the diameter of the existing shell . ( 2100 to 2400 mm )

Sercem Industrie made the design calculations, studies, supplied and assembled the following on site: 

SUPPLY 1 shell of Diam.2400 mm x Lg. 4275 mm composed of :

  • 1 truncated cone on the inlet side
  • 1 central shell
  • 1 truncated cone on the outlet side
  • 1 outlet side shell
  • 1 inlet bottom fixing flange, thickness : 65 mm 
  • 1 flange for fixing the outlet bottom and the girth gear, thickness : 65 mm
  • 2 inspection doors fixed on the shell at 180 °.
  • The shell will be machined in our workshop before assembly and drilled for the fixing of the liner plates .

Supply of a pre-dryer composed of :

  • 1 shell int.Ø 1500 mm , th : 10 mm , Lg : 1300 mm
  • 1 set of liner plates adapted to the dimensions of the new shell with
  • 1 row of conical liners on the inlet side
  • 1 row of conical liners on the output side
    1 set of cylindrical liners in the central part
  • 1 set of inlet bottom cone plates adapted to fixings in the existing bottom and modified to plate on the bottom in order to avoid having wide bolts
  • 1 set of bolts to fix these liners on the shell and on the bottom of the entrance.
  • Pre-assembly in our workshop of these liners on the shell and on the bottom of the entrance


 Dismantling of the whole machine on site : works in Workshop :

  • On the bottom of the entrance
  • On the exit bottom
  • On the girth gear

Reassembly on site     

  • Return transport of the ferrule equipped with its bottoms.
  • Installation of the shell on its bearings
  • Reassembly of the upper part of the mill bearings
  • Reassembly of the girth gear
  • Attachment of the existing exit piece 
  • Reassembly of existing accessories removed during disassembly 
  • Reassembly of the existing girth gear casing
Renovation of a pre fermentation rotating drum