Renovation of a pre fermentation rotating drum

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Equipment : pre fermentation rotating drum

Sector : Waste treatment

Project : Refurbishment of a pre-fermentation rotating drum for the manufacture of compost.

Dimension of the device: Diam. 4,25m x Lgth. 48m

Following a bad design of the original manufacturer, SERCEM INDUSTRIE carries out the expertise, the calculations of dimensioning, the studies, the supply and the replacement of 2 sections of shell under the tyres of the drum

SERCEM INDUSTRIE has been recognized in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years by operators such as Lafarge Holcim, Heidelberg, Alcoa, Rusal etc… all world leaders in the fields of mining, cement, mineral chemistry…

Our know-how lies in the repair and improvement of production equipment and more particularly the kilns and rotary dryers, ball mills or rod mills and crushers for the main part of our activity, in France and abroad.

In this respect, we present you a realization for one of our customers operating in the field of household waste treatment and sorting of plant waste for the manufacture of compost.

Project :Renovation of a pre fermentation rotating drum for the manufacture of compost. 

Scope of services and supplies

Dimensioning study and mechanical verification of the device.

  • Collection and analysis of data provided by the customer
  • Modeling of the shell
  • Definition of the structural characteristics of the rotating assembly
  • Definition of the loads
  • Verification of the stresses of the shell
  • Calculation of the reaction to the supports
  • Verification of the dimensioning of the tires and rollers
  • Verification of the dimensioning of the shafts of the rollers
  • Verification of the dimensioning of the rollers’ bearings
  • Writing of study reports and recommendations

Studies :

  • Detail study
  • Calculations note
  • Two reviews of the calculations and reports.
  • Two presentations of the results, by video conference

Dimensional control of the 2 tires :

  • Displacement of two technicians on site during a production stop
  • Measurement with a laser tracker of the outside diameters of the two tires
  • Measurement with the ultrasonic precision controller of the thickness of the two tires
  • Calculation and writing of a control report

Supplies :

2 shells, each composed of 3 assembled sections.

Dimensions of each section: Lg. 5300 mm x O.D. 4320 mm

– 1 section Lg. 1400 mm ep.30 mm

– 1 section Lg. 2500 mm ep. 60 mm

– 1 section Lg. 1400 mm ep. 35 mm

Total gross weight : 50 T

Quality file :

  • All material certificates type 3.1B, according to NF EN 10204
  • US inspection certificate for shell plates, according to NF EN 10160 criterion S2 E3
  • Ultrasonic inspection report on welds, according to NF EN ISO 11666 level AL3
  • PV of filler metal, according to NF EN 10204 type 2.2
  • PV of dimensional control

Transport :

  • Transport of the supply + unloading of the shell sections
  • Transport to and from the site + unloading and loading of site tools.

On-site work :

The operations of replacement of two shell sections under each tyre of the drum .

Mechanical control of the rotating assembly :

  • Radial clearance between the tyre and the shell
  • Shell/tyre temperature at the supports
  • Tyre runout
  • Visual control of the pads
  • Tyre and roller range
  • Rollers circularity
  • Bearings sealing
  • Running surface lubrication
  • Girth gear & pinion temperature

Control of the mechanical alignment of the drum :

The metrological control of the alignment of the mechanical parts.

Alignment checks – position of shell centers at supports level

Mechanical checks – the position and axes parallelism of the rolling elements, which requires measuring :

  • Tube slope,
  • Rollers slope.
  • Roller centre distances and deflections,
  • Ø and shapes of rollers / tires
  • Thrust roller position,
  • Relative position of rolling elements,
c-Sercem industrie-rotary-drum-ingeneering-renovation-of-a-pre-fermentation-rotating-drum-trucks convoy near-the-site

Adjustment and start up

Alignment correction :

Adjustment of the position of the shell centers at the supports :

– Adjustment of the triangulation of the supports

– Shimming under the roller bearings, if necessary

Pre adjustment of the rolling elements :

Adjustment of the position and parallelism of the rolling element axes:

– Correction of the rollers slope by wedging under the bearings, if necessary

– Corrections of the distances between the rollers

– Correction of the thrust rollers position if necessary

Dynamic adjustment :

Balance adjustment of the rotating assembly during operation:

– Correction of the rollers deflection