Mechanical inspection of a dryer

Sercem-industrie/preventive-maintenance/ Example of internal clogging of a shell during working on the site

Equipment: Dryer

Sector: Chemicals (France)

Context: Equipment operating in degraded mode:

Cause: The customer was processing a new product which clogged inside the tube, creating problematic build-ups.
The condition of the equipment and its mechanical parts therefore deteriorated rapidly.


SERCEM INDUSTRIE is well known in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years in the suburb of Lyons in France. 

Our customers are renowned international operators such as Lafarge-Holcim, Heidelberg, Alcoa, Rusal, etc… They are all world leaders in the field of mining, cement & mineral chemistry.

Our know-how is the mechanical improvement of production equipments such as rotary kilns, rotary dryers, mills, crushers, etc… In France and abroad.

In this case, one of our customers has asked us about the mechanical verification of a fertilizer rotary dryer which is quite worn out.

The purpose is to evaluate the operating capability of the device and to recommend some repair work that will enable the device to hold some time before its replacement . 

Sercem performed a mechanical inspection of the equipment.

The proposed inspection included:

  • Collection and analysis of data provided by the customer
  • Shell modelling
  • Calculation of tube load
  • Calculation of feed torque
  • Calculation of lifting torque
  • Calculation of motor power
  • Verification of kinematic chain sizing (girth gear and speed reducer)
  • Verification of tyre and roller sizing
  • Verification of roller bearing sizing
  • Production of an inspection report and recommendations

All this mechanical inspection is carried out according two load cases of the drum

 – A « normal » load case of the device with a load conforming to the design .

– A « clogging » load case , the device undergoing significant overload caused by internal clogging on the downstream side .

Deformed shell audit