Repairs of kiln bearing

Subject : Repairs of kiln bearing

SERCEM INDUSTRIE has been recognized in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years by operators such as Lafarge Holcim, Heidelberg, Alcoa, Rusal etc… all world leaders in the fields of mining, cement, mineral chemistry…

Our know-how lies in the repair and improvement of production equipment and more particularly the kilns and rotary dryers, ball mills or rod mills and crushers for the main part of our activity, in France and abroad.

In this respect, we present you a realization for the account of a plant of  VICAT cement in France

Subject : Repairs of the bearing kiln control pinion

Scope of services and supplies


A two 1/2 part regulated and swivel bearing for the kiln control bearing

Services Replacement of the bearing of the kiln control pinion

Removal and installation on site.

Operation of replacement of the bearings in our workshops:

  • Transport of the drive pinion to be restored
  • Unloading in the workshop,
  • Location and removal of the bearing caps
  • Draining of the bearings,
  • Removal of the drive pinion to replace the regulated bearings
  • Polishing the spindles of the drive pinion shaft on a machine tool with an abrasive belt
  • Replacement of the half coupling on pinion shaft,
  • Removal of the felt seals of each bearing,
  • Removal of the bearings
Repairs to a pendular mill frame