SUPPLY of 10 bearing liners Diam 450 mm and 470 mm about rotary kiln bearing casing .

SERCEM INDUSTRIE is well known in the field of heavy mechanics for 50 years in the suburb of Lyons in France .

Our customers are renowned international operators such as Lafarge- Holcim , Heidelberg, Alcoa , Rusal etc … They are all world leaders in the field of mining , cement & mineral chemistry .

Our know how is the mechanical improvement of production equipments such as rotary kilns , rotary dryers , mills, crushers etc..

SERCEM INDUSTRIE supplies also spare parts for the devices here above mentionned .

As such , we present you an achievement on behalf of one of our customer , a cement plant in Kazakhstan .

It concerns the supply of 10 + 10 bearing liners for a cement kiln .

Kiln dimension : Diam. 4m x Lg. 150 m .

Bearing liners material : CuSn7 Pb6 Zn4

Parts : Kiln bearing liners

Sector : Cement ( Kazakhstan )

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Kiln tyre